Making room

Cereal cupboard extreme left; six different brands, two packs of each one. 

Walking across the polished floor giving each cupboard a thorough check, taking care not to slide, Marion smiled there was so much space. Who would have ever imagined she would own such an elegant kitchen? Well Niall had, he had always wanted more space. 

Gone was the single shelf with everything they owned stacked on different layers;tight squeezes to get in and out, accidental finger hellos and smiles as they helped each other squirt ketchup or mustard across the plate.

She missed those days, but it felt good to walk freely without bumping into something or someone.There was no doubt Niall was enjoying the space at least he hadn’t complained since she last saw him in the basement.

When he asked her to give him space in his heart, she knew it was time to throw him out of hers, with no chance of  resuscitation.

There were benefits to having so much space after-all.

In response to the writing challenge flash fiction for aspiring writers hosted by Priceless Joy click on the link to visit the blog. The photograph is from the lovely Maria @ doodles and scribbles (interesting photo can’t wait to see all the stories it inspires) and the challenge is to write a 100 – 150 words (+/- 25 words) story inspired by it. Do click on the link for other stories. 



15 thoughts on “Making room

  1. She’d got him out of her heart ‘with no chance of resuscitation’. Only dead things can’t be resuscitated – which tells me she’s murdered him and buried him in that spacious cellar! How sad that their happy life together had turned so sour. Wanting his own space wasn’t something she needed to hear. The lady must have quite a temper. Nice story, Chioma. 🙂

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  2. I like how you’ve left this open to interpretation. Niall could be dead and buried somewhere on the spacious basement. On the other hand, the place could be big enough for them to both live their life without ever encountering the other. Nicely done, Chioma. 🙂

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