Sketching the mind

“Tracey, would you like to tell me what you see?”

Tracey giggled, shifting on her sit .


“There’s a lady standing in the corner wearing red …”

Gently massaging her palms with her fingers “Tracey, I wasn’t referring to ..”

Tracey carried on “… perfect streamlined shape, long arms, and legs that reach up to her ears. A vision in red.”

Smiling patiently “We both know I wasn’t asking you about the mannequin, I want to know what you see when you look in the mirror?”

“I told you there’s nothing wrong with me.”

“And I agree Tracey, but I would still like to know what you see when you look in the mirror?”

“I see a massive lump of flesh, stumpy arms, legs that barely leave the ground and trust me I don’t look good in red, any shape or shade.”


“What? Aren’t you going to tell me that I’m wrong? That I am beautiful and the world is a crazy place not me?.”

“No, I’m not. How about we paint some still life today? Your sketches are getting so much better each week. Gretchen says you have a creative mind.”

In response to the writing challenge flash fiction for aspiring writers hosted by Priceless Joy click on the link to visit the blog. The photograph is from the lovely Iain Kelly (interesting photo can’t wait to see all the stories it inspires) and the challenge is to write a 100 – 150 words (+/- 25 words) story inspired by it. Do click on the link for other stories. 

34 thoughts on “Sketching the mind

  1. Mmm, I’m interpreting body dysmorphia from this story. BDD and low self-esteem (or self-regard) are anything but easy to wrestle with. My heart goes out to your character, as I know individuals who are struggling with this and eating disorders. I’m glad she’s getting help and support from cognitive behavioral therapy. And I’m glad that you “went a little off” with the prompt by focusing on the mirrors instead. Excellent job!

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  2. Such a tough issue to deal with. Many of us have felt that self-loathing, that desire to be something other than we are, no matter how other people see us. And the use of red was really important for this story, I think. A colour associated with sexual attraction and danger -so fitting. Great tale, Chioma

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  3. I like this story. Perhaps, the art is some kind of therapy. Helping this person have better self esteem and realize she is beautiful too. Well written 🙂

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      1. No problem Joy, I did veer a bit of the side. When I looked at the picture all I could think of was how the building would see it’s sturdy stature against the light nature of the aircraft.


  4. I think this story is more inspired by the picture rather than written on the picture right? I loved how it described tracey’s condition without spelling it out loud. That’s her therapist she’s talking to I thibk. I Hope he helps. 🙂

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