Expensive dreams

I am scared

Of the dreams I had, of  the past behind.

Of the hopes within my bosom, of the failures behind my heels.

I am weary,

of the dreams I have, of the future I envision.

of the thoughts that bridge the noon and words that linger past the moon.

Perhaps I am a smidgen dismayed 

but I am not giving up.

Not today

there’s breath in my lungs

there’s something new to dream of it’s called the next second.

Not tomorrow.

there’s a voice in my cords

there’s a story waiting on the next second to continue.

I will stay and keep at it,

I will dream.

for one has paid the highest price for a dream

for one dreamed that man can embrace a way higher than self.

Again I will dream.

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every dream like a bubble, seeks to rise

every dream like a bubble, grows bigger than our ‘heads’ 

every dream seems reachable 

every dream is yours whether it becomes reality or not.

many roam the streets without a vision further than their nose

and for some no further than the next breath, the next second.


2 thoughts on “Expensive dreams

  1. Hi Chioma,

    How’ve you been?

    There are times when we look back at the past, analyse the present and wonder about the future. Indeed, it can be scary thinking about all the dreams that didn’t follow us into the present, hoping that they follow us into the future.

    For some reason, I found comfort in this- “every dream is yours whether it becomes reality or not”. I will not give up either. 😀

    Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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