Silky webs

The number of spider webs around my house has suddenly increased, this does not surprise me, I guess it is be expected with the increasingly warm weather. It’s become obvious to Baby L that other living species like to bask in the bright rays of sunshine. The problem on my hands at the moment is how to effectively communicate to Baby L that not all spiders are pets. She fancies them (and several other insects if might add) to no end and judging from her giggles she probably thinks they fancy her too. Not funny to me nor the spider, but rather than relocate from our house I find the little critters setting up shop just round the corner. It’s like they’re on a mission to leave memorable prints of their web on baby L’s mind.


It all got me thinking, how dedicated am I to leaving indelible memories on her young mind? What kind of memories will she have of me? And I am not talking about happy memories alone as that would be a daunting task for anyone to constantly pursue. I mean just memories of everyday living, memories of Sunday afternoons filled with shared meals (home cooked or take away) eaten together at home, Saturday morning chores and music blasting from the radio.

I remember my mom relaxing in the living room listening to the radio as the dust of all the usual Sunday scurrying around settled with the setting sun. From waking up at five to get breakfast and some elements for lunch going to attending a six to seven hours service (talk about draining); one could hardly blame her for passing out in exhaustion. Tired and overstretched as she might have been mom never failed to ensure we had our meals, looked good, had our water bottles and occasionally an ice cream on a really bad day. Even in her sleep mom’s warrior mode was set on auto to defend, if so much as a rat made an unsettling sound mom was up and ready to defend her tribe.


It used to annoy me back then, as mom won’t let me put the telly on, I often had to entertain myself with a novel which wasn’t bad especially if I had a new one to read. But it was also fun to listen to the thank you messages and prayers sent in to recognize lovely people in the community. And as listened to my own radio this Sunday I couldn’t help remembering mom and days gone.

I couldn’t help praying that Baby L grows up with a head full of memories which make the world seem normal despite the chaos outside.

I hope the girl/lady/woman she becomes in the future loves me for the woman/mom I am today.

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