I stood back as hubby kissed his parents goodbye. Thankful for the fifteen hour journey back to my personal space. I have never been so excited to say goodbye.

“Don’t feed the baby all that ghee, you’re overfeeding him.”

“Have you given him ghee today, look at his tiny limbs. Don’t you ever feed him?”

As far as my mother-in-law was concerned her grandson was doomed.

Yet now she screams like a crazed woman? Extolling my mothering skills at the grave.

Perhaps if she had been kind I won’t have nagged hubby to move our departure flight forward. Perhaps …

copyright-Rich Voza
Copyright Rich Voza

Written for Friday fictioneers a writing challenge hosted by Rochelle. The picture was provided by Rich Voza, the task is to write a 100 words story inspired by it. Thanks Rochelle for hosting the challenge. Thank you for stopping by… do click on the link to read other stories.


34 thoughts on “Inopportune

  1. Oh no, and most likely MIL has also lost son and grandson, and all with an unhappy parting. If she had been kinder, they might have died anyway, but she wouldn’t have to face the ghosts. Great story.

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  2. Dear Chioma,

    i think i know this woman’s mother in law. Figuratively. I worked with a woman who had it in for a coworker.She even tried to get her fired. One morning the coworker was killed in a car crash on her way to work. Suddenly the first woman was weeping at the terrible loss and how much she had loved her.

    i said all that to say, “well done.”



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  3. She’s fortunate to live far enough away that it’s necessary to take a plane to get there. Not all mother-in-laws’s are like that though. I can truthfully say…my mother-in-law was wonderful and did not judge how we raised our children. Your story is written very well . 🙂

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