Trading places

“I’ll trade you some baked goods enough to last the voyage if you’ll take my boys across, do we have a deal monsieur?”

“I’ll take your offer if it comes with your daughter, the one with eyes like sapphires.”

“Deal” what use was the girl if there was no one to wed her off to.

three line tales week twenty: cupcakes, icing, frosting
Copyright Stephanie McCabe 

“Take as much as you can.”

“What about the other guests?.”

“Pfft! We’ll take them the rest, ensuring to gush and exclaim the glorious loving bond we build as we share in love.”

Written for Sonya’s TLT – week twenty.

8 thoughts on “Trading places

  1. Ah, parental love – how touching it can be! I wonder how many other girls have been traded for something like this? A dark heart lying in your piles of sponge, there. Funny, I thought of something dark too. Nicely done 🙂

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