Holding on

Countless are the ways through which you’ve blessed me.

countless are the ways my worries bid me forget.

Countless are the gifts of your love.

countless are the emissaries of regret bearing Trojan hope.

Countless …..

countless ….

Countless is my faith in the rising of the sun

countless is my faith in the clashing of waves on the shore.

Countless is my faith in your promises.

Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields



10 thoughts on “Holding on

      1. Hi Chioma. I know, I’m not often on my blog nowadays. I’m still writing Book 3, but I’ve also been preparing a book of 100 flash fiction stories for publishing. Some were written on my blog, but I’ve had around thirty others to write – from my own prompts – to reach 100. It’s being edited now, then I’ll get in on Amazon. So Book 3 has been progressing very slowly.
        I’m always impressed by how well your stories have come on since you started. I miss talking to people on WP and will be happy to get back. When that will be, I don’t know.


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