Brick by brick … 2

This is the continuation of a story.

To read the first part click here.

Agnes took in scene around her absent mindedly, the journey from Bristol to London wasn’t really a long or entertaining one.

If anything she felt a bit apprehensive, Alana had sounded a right bag of mixed emotions when she called to invite her for the christening. After grandma’s burial, Philip seemed to have turned a genuine corner, they bought the house taking out a huge mortgage as Agnes had suspected, baby Lucas made an appearance a day short of his due date, but that was fine too as he screamed the hospital down, there was no denying his lungs. Alana had felt a little short changed as she had wanted a girl ever so much. But that is now history as she absolutely adores him.

Alana was living her dream, or so Agnes thought until she spoke to Maddy. See Philip didn’t buy the house or take out the mortgage in their name, neither did he contribute as much to paying the bills as Alana had hoped. And when he lost his job three months after Lucas was born the merger amount he contributed became extinct. Alana would have stayed oblivious to all of it, if he hadn’t left following a meltdown last month, during which he called Alana ‘a daydreaming-man-leech’ proving to be the turd Agnes had always suspected him to be.

Soon, the lightening-wolf came calling, he was accompanied by the brick-wolf, aqua-wolf, and domestus-wolf. They howled, they puffed in their torrents through the letter box. They threatened to bring the house down round Alana’s ear. Maddy thought Alana might lose the house and acquire a huge debt.

Agnes hadn’t known what to say in response to all the bad news, well she did want to say I-told-you-so but thought it might be in bad taste so she switched to asking about Maddy’s business. That equally didn’t go down the happy route. Maddy was learning business 101 the hard way. Thankfully she had taken Agnes’ advice and done a course in pet grooming and management, a skill that came in handy when she had to fire a staff member to keep cost down.

That had really upset her, she wanted to keep everyone happy, she soon learnt that it might come at a hefty price to do so and since she didn’t have magic elves or a wand, she settled for doing things peacefully. The wolves had also come calling in their torrents, they gobbled up every tiny bit of profit she managed to scrape-by. Though she wouldn’t admit it publicly she was starting to grow a healthy respect for all her previous bosses, how they had managed to pay those bills without her knowing they existed was remarkable. Thanking she wasn’t in debt but she was up to her eyeballs with bookings and management tasks to stay that way.

Agnes smiled as she remembered Maddy’s response when she asked if she was dating anyone, “errrrggghhhh, do I sound like I need an emotional-wolf clawing at my tail at the moment? No thank you.”

Everyone was going through a tough time at the moment, hopefully it all settled down soon. Yes, everyone, she was included. She had bought two homes at auction, a first time for her, and she had held her ground. The pecks of living in quiet community, housing prices aren’t so high. It hadn’t been an easy task refurbishing the houses, dealing with trades men and legal issues, but it was very rewarding. It had all being relatively smooth sailing, she had hit the rock with one of her tenants who decided to help her save money by not paying rent. Eight months in and the life of a landlord was proving not so easy to manage.

The wolves would keep howling, their homes might tremble a bit, but brick by brick they would build a future. The train pulled into the station, time to meet her nephew, to help his mum push those wolves a few steps away from the thresh-hold.


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