Brexit/in ad gone wrong.

Several adverts have annoyed me in the past, but none has annoyed me as much as the Boris Johnson/David Cameron campaign for/against Brexit.It trivializes a vital decision. A choice with parallel consequences for either side of the divide, with the potential to change the future for generations of scottish farmers and the everyday worker on the street, be he/she a migrant or an indigene.

The ad indirectly showcases how the elite/politicians probably see the decision: it’s more about which side of the fence they would like to play on and less about the future of the citizens. But they use complex analogies/words and statistics to ensure you vote based on fear or confusion.

It’s like a movie commercial, thank you very much! But some of us like to know where game of thrones ends and reality begins, some of us like to know when it’s Gerard Butler ‘shouting this is sparta’ and when we have to stand tall to face tough life decisions. And there will be tough decisions and consequences to live with whichever side the axe falls post voting.

The decision for or against Brexit in my opinion should have nothing to do with how much we like or dislike these individuals. An advert like the present one will definitely draw attention away from the main issue, turning it into a personality crusade rather than a deciding process in the nations future.


2 thoughts on “Brexit/in ad gone wrong.

  1. I haven’t seen the advert in question but I’ve followed this news with quite a bit of interest, I am keen to see how it ends.

    As with most things political, propaganda is the butter that’s slathered thickly over slices of opinionated bread and force- fed to the (un)suspecting public. Lol @ the Game of Thrones reference. πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh wow Nedoux! That is an apt description for the way politicians pass across information. I am saving that one.
      I am also keen to see the end of it either ways there will be a heavy fine and adjustment to be made at the end of the day. The choice should boil down to which evil is easier to endure as neither offers a perfect solution in the long or short term.
      Sadly i have no clue about game of thrones except for what I gleamed on Wikipedia.

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