Brick by brick.

Inspired by the daily prompt – brick.

It was a bitter-sweet moment for the three sisters; bitter because grandma was gone, sweet because they had each inherited substantial amounts of money. They would never have suspected their grandma of having such wealth. They had lived a very simple life in a modest cottage at the bottom of Hedgelane in Priory village. Grandma rarely had visitors or friends and she scrutinized theirs within an inch of their lives. She had been forced to live that way to keep them safe, after their parents died in a boating accident. They had gone on holiday with friends, alas said friends returned from the accident but not their parents.

They laid her body to rest in a quiet ceremony surrounded by a few neighbours who came to show respect. And in the lawyer’s office that evening they discovered the reasons behind grandma’s lifestyle. It made Agnes slightly sad as she wondered how happy grandma might have been if things had been different, but that was the past now and as grandma would say no point wondering If.

It had been a week since the funeral, time for them to head back to their different lives.

“Any ideas on what you’re going to spend your share on?”

Chuckling “Any ideas? Mine’s already spent. I’m going to buy a flat in London, Stockwell to be precise. Philip says it’s a new area and ideal for families.”

Ohhh, that’s a good one.” said Madison.

“Don’t you think that’s a bit expensive, you’ll probably still need to take out a mortgage.”

“So? People take out mortgages constantly. Philip and I have good credit ratings and the inheritance will cover a huge amount of the asking price.”

“I won’t say huge, more like one-third of it depending on the asking price.”

Rolling her eyes and rubbing her hands across her beautiful bump”I really don’t care, Philip says it’s fine, he’ll sort everything out in time for our little princess to be born in her castle.”

“You already told him about the money, I thought you guys were having …”

“Honestly, Agnes I can’t stand all this probing and seriousness, now what are you going to do with yours Maddy?”

“Well I did think of buying a house, but it did just remind me of how lonely I am now.” Pulling a puppy face she continued, “so I think I’ll keep renting personally, but I am going to quit my job and start my own business.”

They high-fived each other, while Agnes looked on “I think that’s brilliant, you finally get to tell Eddy the sleazy to stick his job down the drain.”

“Yes! No one is going to be the boss of me any more. Welcome to Fancy paws and coats, the grooming salon for pets with style.”

Oooooh, I love that name, sounds very …”

Laughing hysterically Agnes couldn’t help but marvel at her sister naivety.

“Madison that’s a terrible idea, running a business is very demanding and capital intense. Plus you’ve never groomed your own dog properly for a day, how would you know to groom other people’s pets.”

“Grooming prices are crazy expensive, there’s a lot of money to be made from it and I can employ people to do the grooming, can’t I?”

“OK Mrs smarty knickers what are you going to do with yours?” Alana asked slightly miffed by Agnes attitude.

“To be honest, I haven’t got  a clue yet.”

“And you’ve spent all your time grilling us, when you don’t even have an idea.” cried Madison.

Alana sniffed, as her eyes watered “You’re just rude and stuffed up. You always think your smarter, just because you finished …”

“Hey, I didn’t mean to upset you, I was only pointing out …”

“Pointing out what?”

“It’s OK Alana, I’ll make us some tea.”

Agnes felt terrible she hadn’t meant to upset her elder sisters, she just never seemed to get their fizzy personalities.

                                                      To be concluded tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Brick by brick.

  1. Siblings…no matter how many there are each of them have their own personalities. Some are quiet and reserved (that would be me for most of my life),very opinionated, sensitive, leaders, followers, etc. Everyone has their own way of doing things.

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