Surviving the generations

From his rib she was formed: an advanced edition some may say

A help-meet she was called: fashioned to function in a unique way.

suited for him: like a round peg in a round hole.

Designed to procreate the generation, they  set out together.

From his rib she was formed side by side they stood: hoping to work hand-in-hand but

then came a rattling, an inner turmoil: she fell beneath and he crouched above

fear was born,hearts were split: she reached for him, he strected to her

They survived, but the peg was undone and the hole was fragmented.

From his rib she was formed: together they illuminated the world

a thing of beauty to behold: alone they  brightened a room

Potentials buried by warring shadows: the growing darkness suffocating within and without.

Designed to sustain the generations, they live to survive each other.

In respnse to the daily prompt survival and generation.

This is written as a cleave poem (click to read another one of my cleave poems) left poem, right poem and a complte poem.

Let me know you think.





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