Patient cuts

The paper-knife slices through pages

like the cutting edge of new intimacy

revealing secrets, patiently unveiling treasures.

Viacar of Wakefield with illustrations by Hugh Thomson

Written for TJ Paris Haiku challenge, Paper-knife.

For my last A to Z challenge I have chosen to write on write on two words; Zippy and Zaftig.


  • very fast

  • appealingly stylish

  • having a spicy flavor

Zaftig: (of a woman) having a full, rounded figure; plump.

The initiation and sustenance of intimate relationships remain a topical issue spanning several generations and decades. My generation seems to be the most confused with regards the rule of play; on one hand we willing refute the dogma of our ancestors and on the other, we stare perplexed at the fiery tango dance displayed by love and her equally intense partner hate. And as is commonly said ‘when we do not understand (and if I might add respect) the purpose or use of an object/institution the abuse of said object is certain to occur. Sadly we seem to be recording high levels of relationship abuse, rather than success.

The situation is further complicated by the zippy pace of our times; we want everything now!, we want it trendy (if trendy is rich and famous or prayerful and wise, skinny and smart, then order it up) and we want it lively and upbeat. The hotter, the better. For some weird reason (geez I wonder why) people never seem to come in that order and even when they do life shakes things up, turning them inside out.

0fa5ef4650eb12547caa9b7cbc88d051“Thanks life but this isn’t what I ordered.”

“Oh, but it is, only I left some bits raw, I like my guests to take part in the cooking process.”

“Ain’t nobody got time for that.I want a ready meal.”

“Well if you insist, here it is.”

“Thank you very much.” Takes a few spoonfuls.

“Can I have some salt and pepper please.”

“No, that has been perfectly seasoned, it’s an insult to the dish to make such demands.”

Feels a bit miffed, but decides to carry on eating.

“Can you pass me the salad dressing please?”

“No, everything has been served in perfect portions. Please do not insult the chef.”

“Why can’t I have anything I ask for?”b590a0dc1de2b4d336873a50de27445e3bb338c7898282c2a11f40051541ccf4

“Because you ordered a ready meal cooked specially for you by Chef La fantasia himself, a five-star Michelin chef widely known for his instability. Do you hate the dish?”

“Of course, I don’t, I just want some more seasoning and dressing. What’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing really, except you can’t really alter a meal once it’s been served, whatever you do when it’s on the plate is merely applying garnish, subject to personal taste. We encourage you to cook your own meal, to tweak it as you please, to stop and start over if necessary, to savor the process, before sitting down to eat. We offer you side dishes (friends, suitors, careers, difficulties, happy days etc) not for you to pillage, but to sustain you, enhance your taste buds, awaken your senses as you create that ultimate dish of a lifetime.

 A zaftig dish … a robust dish.

Source: Daily mail UK






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