Twisted transition

“It is unheard of, we do not indulge in such rubbish.

See this, it is the color of virility.

Of true manliness.”

I am uncolored, my virility goes beyond the skin.

“Authority becomes us, it is our place to lead.

See this, it is the forehead of all reason.

Of true dogma.

I am non-dogmatic, my leadership thrives on cooperation.

“Second to God we stand unbroken

See this rod, it is the rod of procreation.

Of true power.

I am unbroken, my power depends not a rod but on love.

I  am a boy loved by: a mother, daughter, sister,  

why should I become a man threatened by them?

Written for literary lions challenge – boy. Sorry it’s nine words more than required.

A to Z challenge – Unbroken.






3 thoughts on “Twisted transition

  1. Hi Chioma,

    You have a gift of presenting words like an artfully arranged bouquet.

    I chuckled naughtily at “Rod of procreation”, I imagined a sturdy steel pipe from which flowed an endless stream of squealing and laughing babies. Blame my over-active imagination. 😀

    Indeed, the manliness of a real man does not come from this rod. A secure man shows strength in a manner that portrays love.

    Liked by 1 person

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