Speculative rebranding

“Beautiful and exotic, i think it’s the perfect place for a getaway.”

“Oh come  on! there’s nothing special about it.”

“You just say that because you feel it’s too pricey.”

“Prrft! That doesn’t count, I don’t see what’s special, it’s still located on the beach.”

“It might be on the beach but it certainly offers more than a lovely day in the sun.”

“How would you know what it offers, have you been in there?”

“Maggie’s cousin works there and she said …

Their voices faded into the far corners of her mind, the discovery of the new beach resort seemed to be the only topic these days and she was tired of all the chattering.

No one, at least among her friends knew anything about it, but everyone had a strong opinion on what they assumed it was or wasn’t like.

Much like how they treated every new or different student; secluded, alienated and buried under a heap of assumptions. No questions asked.

S is for secluded

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