My first diet

Mum presented me to the doctors today without seeking my permission, according to her it was high time I got my first personal medical evaluation.

Thankfully the doctors said I was healthy, but kept emphasizing I maintain a healthy diet if I wanted to stay that way. What did he mean by a healthy diet, was it the same as mum’s own? Would I also have to exercise like mum? This was not fair, I’m too young to get into all that. Mum looked even more horrified than I, sensing the looming fear the doctor rushed on to ease our worries.

“There’s no cause for alarm, this is a healthy diet plan better than any other.It’s quite simple to follow and relatively a lot cheaper than other alternatives.”

Phew, Mum relaxed at least her wardrobe allowance wasn’t going to get short changed.

I heard the words ‘simple and better’ and relaxed.

“However, I must warn that like all diets the body will take awhile to adapt and it will fluctuate with each growing phase. But as with any diet, the impact will be more rewarding in the long run if done consistently.”

“Just one question doc, I have seen children who haven’t been on this diet flourish, are you sure this is absolutely necessary.”

“That is true, however, individuals differ in their reactions to everything, one thing that stands true for this diet is the lack of side effects and an abundance of both health and economic benefits.”

“I hope people don’t hassle us, I mean it’s not like she’s overweight.” mom said

The doctor smiled “She’s definitely not overweight, the diet will also reduce her chances of being overweight in the future. And if people laugh at you, shrug it off, remember it’s never too early to start eating healthy.”

first diet

The diary of a breastfed baby and mom.

This post was not written to shame or castigate anyone, it’s aim to encourage and advocate for more women to breastfeed. 


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