Assumptions promote fakeness

Assumptions are a part of everyday living, which unconsciously fosters on us and those we interact with a fake personality or lifestyle crafted in the mind and unfit for daily happy living.

First assumption, those who receive state benefit are lazy, greed, dishonest, uneducated, simply the worst cheats on mother natures earth.


Effect: people receive benefits, but try to live a life that refutes that assistance. People become defensive at the mere mention of the word benefit. People get stuck playing the role society has labelled them as and stop trying to achieve anything.

Reality: receiving some sort of benefit is noting to be ashamed of or ridiculed about, this is similar to drowning and fighting the life guard because you want to show off your swimming skills. And ridiculing people on benefits, is similar to watching someone drown and rolling your eyes at them rather than helping them. True they’re cheats and lazy people out them, but it’s not enough to judge everyone by the same measure.

Second assumption, all foreigners came here for the benefits and even if they didn’t when they got here they jumped on it straightaway.

Effect: foreigners are viewed as worthless scroungers, unimaginative and unproductive. Foreigners become defensive at the mention or suggestion of benefits by a non-foreigner. 


Reality: legal migrants have a lot of restrictions and limitations on their passports for years, set-up by the same politicians who mouth them off as the bane of modern Great Britain. A lot of benefits, training, apprenticeship, jobs, and the likes are off limit to foreigners except those who can afford to pay for them, trust me they are not cheap. Most foreigners have learnt to work for every penny as a lifestyle, but there will still be cheats and dubious people among the foreigners and non-foreigners.

Third assumption, all breastfeeding moms are aggressive braggarts, all formula feeding moms are defensive breastfeeding drawbacks.

Effect: a needless war exists, one side charges with arms saddled with bottles, a sterilizer and hot water, the other brandishes the engorged breast and a free hand. Each forgets the nursing baby at their bosom.animated-baby-image-0026

Reality: Unpleasant people will always finding something to have a cat-fight over, thus the fact that you both breastfeed or formula  feed doesn’t necessary mean you won’t find lines to differ on in the future. We all brag about stuff or give up on stuff: an unpleasant personality will shine through either side. Not every breast-feeder is rude, stuffed up or out to  annoy you and not every formula feeder is ignorant or insecure or rude.

Fourth assumption: the price tag, and brand makes it unique, elegant, worth it etc We can’t find it elsewhere.

I’ll let you fill the space on this one.



Inferiority/superiority is the foundation for a fake life,

assumptions are the walls which hold it up,

and emotional/physical and mental deficit the roof that shelters it.

A house hunting itself.animated-house-image-0181

Accept when your assumptions have been wrong, don’t brazenly stick to them enabling someone else’s mistakes in the future.

Daily prompt fake.

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3 thoughts on “Assumptions promote fakeness

  1. Hi Chioma,

    All of these assumptions seem influenced by stereotype, prejudice and bias, which contaminate rational judgement fuelling the erroneous belief that because One is, then All must be the same.

    The mental image of a breastfeeding battlefield was quite amusing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehehe!
      I kind of hoped it would be and you are right Nedoux, stereotypes and bias does fuel erroneous assumption. I wouldn’t mind them so much, if in the end when one realises the truth they speak out and make amends.


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