Four things I have seen under the sun, four that worry my soul for the land I call home

One, the belief that the mind is inferior to the powers that roam Hades streets. Thus, when one is depressed or the mind overcome by life/nature we seek to find the one who unleashed Hades hounds rather than resuscitating the strength within the mind. And when men swindle us we blame the cosmos for sending out demons in clothes, refusing to accept that they’re indeed fellow men, only they have soaked their minds in the boiling pools of Hades charring its humanity.

The mind is powerful the mind is fragile, but you and the alone creator own it; to either facts is meshuggeneh.

Two, the belief that power is synonymous to abuse: emotional, physical,mental, financial, political, verbal and spiritual abuse. We presume the abuser to be the only guilty party, this is true initially, but overtime the abused starts to subconsciously aid the situation. Abuse might begin from without, but it is sustained by a reflection of the abusers image in our own eyes, we abuse ourselves by refusing to take ownership of the situation. True power is defined by a self imposed accountability to the weak and strong alike, an accountability to our own humanity. They are not leaders they are bullies, thrilled by ego.

The abuse of power is the reflection of a weak mind, the tolerance of abuse is the sign of a mind slowly being weakened. Rise up and own the situation.

Our home is not useless, it is misguided by mercenary minds at the hem of affairs. 

Three and four for be posted soon.


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