I is for impregnable



Underpinned by natures grace at

dawn, a walking stick at dusk; eternally

sustained by an impregnable mind.

Japanese bamboo cane with carved decoration of an owl
Copyright      TJ Paris

I always thought the word impregnable meant to never come under attack or be challenged, however after reading several definitions of the word, I understand it to simply mean – not giving in to attacks. Attacks or preferably challenges are a given in life, how you respond to them and what you do afterwards determines on which side of the impregnable divide you fall.

A home can be impregnable, but only as impregnable as the willingness of its inhabitants to pull together, support each other and to keep making memories against all odds. Not an easy task but a worthy one at the end. 

The movie INSIDE OUT in some way explains how our minds contribute to maintaining an impregnable personality both as individuals and a home/family. Emotions such as anger, disgust and fear, medically and physically weaken our defenses, while joy tends to do the opposite. Sadness in my opinion is that bridge that lets us know that we’re under attack and should take time to heal and rebuild any loose holes.

‘Impregnable: not likely to be weakened or changed’ Merriam – Webster dictionary.

It might take us a while to become impregnable, but hey all  good things …

Enough said … here’s a song by Sia that I love and I think explains my thoughts.

I haven’t put the video as it tends to draw mixed reviews and takes away from the message that I am trying to get across.


Written for TJ Paris haiku challenge and A to Z challenge.



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