Historic households

Mud houses were strategically built to afford occupants some level of privacy, they were also designed to ensure everyone was part of the communal lifestyle a social norm at some point in our history.

             Copyright Panoromia                                       Abuja arts and craft village.

It had its advantages some of which include:

  • A lack of grey area for mischief makers hide behind.
  • A clear-cut description of what was right or wrong.
  • A general sense of oneness among members of a household/village/society.
  • A higher percentage of genuine interest in seeing the other individual prosper and excel. Etc

    Copyright Juju TV film

As with every system, it also had disadvantages:

  • Rules that were not easily if ever altered.
  • An inherent albeit sometimes unintentional ability to stifle creativity.
  • A herd/pack mentality which encouraged ignorance and unhealthy fear of the unknown. Etc

 As much as I appreciate living in this present age, I long for the communal spirit in those historic households.

Today everyone wants be ahead of the other, whether it’s a negative or positive action people just don’t care. And when it goes all wrong as it tends to do when envy/insecurity/selfishness overrides good judgement they cry at night wondering why no one wants to hold them. And when someone offers comfort, some people still wonder if the giver is really being nice or simply trying to appear better than them?

From google search

The cycle continues … 


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