G is for godly

Our home is godly

keeping out physical and spiritual enemies; securely gated

As long as we stay within there will be no space for gloom.


What happens when it comes from within, the gloom?

When our acts are unjust showing that we might not be so godly

And intruders breach our security, stirring up emotions we wish to keep firmly gated.


Our home is no longer gated

What we should have shared has disappeared leaving behind gloom

Everything has been stripped from us including our home; our home was godly.


It is not enough to declare yourself godly, to keep your beliefs gated in the midst of a gloomy world looking for love and hope.

A tritina has three stanzas of three lines each, plus a final single-line stanza. The final word of each line in the first stanza is repeated in the second and third stanzas in a pattern: ABC, CAB, BCA.  All three “end words” are used in the final line of the poem. There is no requirement (thankfully) for rhyme or meter.

This definition of a tritina has been borrowed from Jan Browns blog, I found it very interesting and thought to attempt it. How did I do? Click here to read Jan’s post.


5 thoughts on “G is for godly

  1. Well done. I like how you pointed out that just trying to shut the world out does not make one godly. The ungodliness is there with us in the inner sanctum of our souls. Ungodly is what we are and until Christ can come in and deal with our own wickedness then no amount of shutting the world out will work.

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