Cozy countryside

C is for … Cozy.

Wide open spaces adorned by beautiful vegetation stretching beyond the boundaries of our piercing gaze, guarded by trees, serenaded by tunes from winged friends and trickling water paths; that’s what comes to mind when we think of the countryside. 

Cozy communities, homes filled with warmth, laughter and love; be weary when it goes all quiet, not the muteness of sound but the barrenness of words and emotions.

It is a sign of dark realities taking form heralded in by the third midnight caw, havoc has been wrecked by the green-eyed monster, destroying the silent trust, abolishing the cozy but naively built bond.

three line tales photo prompt: Scrabble tiles

Written for Sonya’s TLT with the prompt photo – Quiet and A to Z challenge.

As promised my adjective for today is cozy  which is often used to describe the general atmosphere and homes located in the countryside. However, the countryside especially in Nigeria is also know for a lot of neighborhood drama and envy based crime as everyone literally knows everyone’s ‘private’ stories. 

What are your thoughts with regards to this post and the countryside?

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