Home by the beach

  B is for … Breath-taking

“Stop saying ‘It’s just the circle of life’,that’s just another excuse.”

“It might be, doesn’t deduct form its validity though. Nature depends on social disparities and revolving cycles to balance the scales. Without the twisted circle how would you know to feel empathy? ”

 Hard is the work set before the mind to find happiness in the wake of oppressing views.

“See how happy they are, their confident strides in the midst of such chaotic and far from ideal living conditions, that my dear is amazing, simply breath-taking.”

Hissing “And on the opposite side of the beach we’ve members of the exclusive group complete with obscene houses and speedboats.”

“Hmmm, is it the injustice that angers you or a fear of falling from the middle unto either side of the divide? Is that the root of offence? 

Depressing is the task before the mind to find peace and contentment in the rising of such exclusivity. 

The circle is complete.

Copyright Pixabay 

Written in response to Roger’s writing challenge FFftPP and A to Z challenge day two. 

I already had post penned for the A to Z challenge, but when I saw the photo for FFftPP I just had to merge them. Not sure it worked as I had to move the words around quite a bit, let me know your thoughts. Below are the photos  I planned for the post, the one above was provided by Roger from Pixabay for the FFftPP challenge.

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Both neighborhoods shown in the pictures are located in Lagos, very close to the local beaches. Guess they are all beachfront homes. 

  A house can be breath-taking, but a home is only as breath-taking as the hands that built it.

2 thoughts on “Home by the beach

    1. Honestly, I do not know.
      Happiness is a very subjective topic. I think a balance is better than being at either extremes though as our environments whether deprived or luxurious can be impediments to our personal growth from which I think stems happiness.
      XD XD

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