“I still can’t believe it?”

“Which, the free cash or Nick’s luck?

“Both really. Any plans on how to spend it maybe take the Mrs. on a holiday?”

“Mrs? What Mrs?”

“Ayee! your girlfriend, drinks got you under already.”

“Ex-Mrs mate, ex: say hello to Ibiza, orgies, and the fittest bachelor on the block.” 

“You cheeky scoundrel! What do you think Nick’s gonna do with the old wreck.”

“That’s his headache, at least he gets to keep those stupid toilet sits they spent afternoons pottering over.”

“So much for being loyal.”

Joke was on them, penny wise … 

PHOTO PROMPT - © Ted Strutz
Copyright Ted Strutz


Written for Friday fictioneers a writing challenge hosted by Rochelle.  The picture was provided by  Ted Strutz and the task is to write a 100 words story inspired by it. Thanks Rochelle for hosting the challenge. Thank you for stopping by… do click on the link to read other stories.

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