Fleeting choices

Each moment is but a fleeting moment

an eon it might seem

’till tomorrow reveals it was but a fleeting moment.

Anchor not your chest on peaks of success

Drown not your heart in valleys of distress

Each I say is but a fleeting moment.

A year after graduation I came into a relatively large sum of money: large from the perspective of a young adult who hadn’t prior to that time worked or earned a living professionally.

Before your minds go into overdrive I didn’t steal, kill or do anything illegal to acquire the said sum of money, I earned it during the mandatory one year service to the country known as NYSC (National youth service corps.) It was a fun year which sadly didn’t end on such a fun note. The money though a blessing threw in a huge spanner into the wheel of my career prospecting process.

Ibadan conference
Pictures from Ibadan and Lagos conference.

Should I start a business? There was the choice to write and publish an annual magazine or register and grow an NGO I had started in Uni.

Should I invest it? Shares, land, etc

At the back of my mind a reminder nagged at me: no matter how big the sum seemed it would inevitably run out, thus I kept thinking I definitely had to get a job. What job should I pursue, at that time I definitely didn’t want a career in the course I studied at school.

I am sure it’s fairly obvious that at this point I was a massive web of confusion. 

Looking back today, I wish I had calmed down and separated the thoughts in my head, shut out everyone as nobody seemed to have a clue what the best course of action was. If I could go back this is what I would have done.

Conference by TYM (Training young minds) in Apapa Lagos.
  1. I would ignore the money, by ignore I mean leave it sitting in the bank, not letting it influence my thought process. Then concentrate on making a firm decision on what career steps to take. Easier said than done, but I honestly believe it would have been the best course of action in that moment.
  2. I would go back to my roots, the thing I love doing the most: speaking to young adults,generally public speaking and writing. I started in my fourth year in uni. I organized four conferences and did a lot of school visits targeted on motivating young adults. Ironically when I needed to listen to my advice I didn’t, a mistake I never want to make again.
  3. I would have gotten a teaching job to further explore my enthusiasm to make an impact on upcoming generation.
  1. sd
    Conference by TYM (Training young minds) for six secondary schools in Apapa Lagos.

Through it all I have learnt that everything and I mean everything in life lasts for a fleeting moment. There are no permanent success stories, there will always be new hurdles to cross, new mountains to surmount. The only thing that stays with us are the lessons we have learnt and the attitudes we adopt through life, but even those things are subject to change by our personal choices.

Daily prompt – fleeting.

2 thoughts on “Fleeting choices

  1. Hi Chioma,

    How are you?

    I enjoyed the openness of this post. It’s funny how hindsight always seems to have perfect 20:20 vision as we become wiser with regards to our choices and decisions only after the moment has passed.

    I like to think of Life as many roads all leading to the same destination, regardless of the choice of road, either rocky or smooth or winding, eventually one arrives enriched by their experiences. 😀

    Speaking of a teaching career, it’s something that I dream about sometimes, I enjoy sharing knowledge.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Nedoux!
      I am fine, thank you.
      ‘I like to think of Life as many roads all leading to the same destination, regardless of the choice of road, either rocky or smooth or winding, eventually one arrives enriched by their experiences. :-D’
      This is so true. As for teaching well I know it’s still in the stars ahead somewhere maybe not in the form we initially envisioned.
      Have a blessed weekend ahead.


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