Object of debate

The object of great debate: Sexual function versus biological function.

The object of great debate: Nudity versus modesty.

The above topics have inherent abilities to ignite a free for all endless fight, to turn the genders against each other in a minute, throw in a common factor –  the breasts and the debate grows more ambiguous to a point were no one remembers what kicked off the fight. 


Growing breasts are a significant sign of girls emerging sexuality and biological changes, they play the major role of giving or enhancing sexual pleasures up until the bearer (the girl in question) gives birth.

At the birth of a baby the breasts become biologically equipped to nurture a baby whether the mother chooses to breastfeed is a different debate. The breast still retains its sexual function, but it’s biologically functions are enhanced. 


Now on nudity and modesty I’ll play it safe by giving a summary: the choice is down to personal preference. There are breastfeeding mothers who embrace nudity and there are breastfeeding mothers who embrace modesty.

To argue a woman hides her breast under a scarf or any piece of clothing while feeding a child but expose them when embracing her body/sexuality is to argue that one should cover their mouths with a napkin through a meal but leave them in plain sight while speaking.

An object takes on the colors and shapes embedded in your mind, what you look at is a small portion of what you actually see.

To argue everyone should embrace the nude picture of a breastfeeding mother is to argue that everyone should embrace masochism in sex. One can happen independent of the other, be careful not to hide one message under another.breastfeeding woman

You can’t please all the people all the time, but you can reduce the number of people confused by your message by making it clear and precise.

Pick the course you want to advocate either focus on breastfeeding or nudity, merging both campaigns weakens your appeal, distracting from your message.

Daily prompt – Object.

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