The call

Slide2Arise oh compatriots… who is a compatriot? 

According to the dictionary, he is my fellow citizen.

But I am from Ekiti, his from Edo and she is from Ebonyi, we’re not of the same ethnicity.

But you’re all from Nigeria, so does it matter?

It does matter, they speak a different language, have different customs and beliefs. We are a vase of broken pieces glued together connected but fractured in so many areas. The intention of the craftsman at the time of creation is a bit hazy and our present matter has no clue on how to polish broken ware, all he does is sell our golden rim to the highest bidder.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, does it matter? You’re here now, actually, you’ve been here for over fifty years. Can’t you do something about it?

My dear to be honest the thing have tire me! I don’t really know, all I know is that I’m from … and they’re from …

And if you do me, I do you, God, no go vex.

But all of you will end up in ‘dundun‘ while the master loots the fortune.

Nigeria’s call obey … what voice lies behind the call?

The voice of leaders who have eaten us out of home and hearth.Slide1

Or the voice of followers amplified by hunger pangs as they seek wealth without the sweat.

The voice of religion offering emancipation with one hand, mental and soul bondage with  the other.

Or the voice of a thug hoping to bamboozle you into cowering.

Worse case yet

Perhaps it is the voice of a non-rehabilitated neocolonialism junkie screaming freedom, yet taking a drag from the spliff trading his soul for more.animated-smoking-image-0017I pledge to Nigeria my Country

To be faithful, loyal and honest

Wherein lies our loyalty? Behind cloaks of greed and selfishness, faithful to the money honest in servitude to it’s gripping powers.

Allegiance to others, treachery to self.

Slowly the world moves towards globalization and the ‘wholes’ will swallow the ‘halves’, need I say where we shall end up?

2 thoughts on “The call

  1. Everyman for himself, God for us all mentality is what has eaten deep into the system. Its quite an unfortunate phenomenon but all the same some good citizens, politicians are emerging ; those that has the interest of the nation of heart

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