Quote on lies.


I found the above quote on Stella’s blog and it really struck me, in the past I had never given much thought to the reasons behind lies. I know the quote probably doesn’t cover all cases, but I think it explains the psychological process behind most lies including those of an inherent liar. 

I am sure we all know the impact of lies on us and other parties involved so I am not going to write about it. However it is worth remembering that whatever motivates the lie gains momentum with each falsehood, as we lose trust in the strength of our voice.


8 thoughts on “Quote on lies.

  1. Hi Chioma, I applaud your creative instinct. Truth be told this quote captures the reason behind most lies. Growing up, due to intimidation and the fear of being beaten, I could very well relate with the quote. Now, it makes more sense! 🙂

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  2. Very thought provoking quote.

    I’ve learned that for a person with a decent conscience, the guilt that comes with lies is quite torturous.

    The toxic sort of lies are the ones that can survive only by birthing more lies. A lie that attaches itself to more lies, not unlike a parasite. 😀

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