Quotes on love


Love is a universal language

transcribed in various dialects, woven into patterns 

hemmed together by times silky threads onto life’s fabric.

Its idem factor stays the same it flows freely

wearing thin boulders of the divide.


Price of love


  • must love be reciprocated?
  • what makes love worth it?
  • what is the most expensive thing you’ve done in the name of love?
  • can absolute love exist with absolute power?

Care to share your thoughts on any of the above? Please leave us a comment, would love to read your thoughts.

Thanks Thomas for the second quote, safe to say it sparked off some thoughts.


7 thoughts on “Quotes on love

  1. I thought I loved the first quote,till I read the second one. Love them both! Love is one of those feelings that my have to be reciprocated. We don’t ask for their permission to fall in love with them, we don’t know if they will fall in love with us, yet we still Fall in love.

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  2. A gorgeous poem and I love the first quote as well. It makes me smile that my few humble words were able to spark these thoughts. Even if love isn’t reciprocated I think we still love, however, if it is then that love will surely blossom.

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