Life is … 18th edition

Life is… a path.

There was a path upon which I walked

it turned neither left nor right

it varied not and neither did I.

Upon a stone

my foot did stumble crumbling to bits,

my mind the aching pain overrode.

In reality a minuscule stub, incapable of much

yet a piercing thorn through my confidence

empowered by fear.PhotoFunia-1455068581

A simpleton reborn by one act,

the forestalling intrinsic human need

for comrades who linger past the point of reason

but never leave a thought behind,

only pity and disdain for

truth bearers sojourned before dawn.

When clarity’s call re-echoes and the beacon of purpose looms 

the treacherous veins and a thorn so deep

root my languid limbs to the soil

forbidding me the path to seek again.PhotoFunia-1455072205

Through amber flames within my bosom, the lens of my soul maps the path.

Untangling gnarled fingers and feet snarled by

the darkened teeth of disillusioned dreams

strangling the shadows of my soul.

Hope like a legendary warrior dis-entwines me

and memories of glory gone strengthens my core.

This path is mine, 

though I sway or waver, I will stay true to it.PhotoFunia-1455072146

In life we each have a path, sometimes we feel it changes, but I think the path remains the same; our minds and souls change attracting different people, different circumstances. With each new addition, the path takes on a new form: it becomes rocky, smoother, broader, narrower. We get delayed, we get propelled. We get re-tagged and reconfigured – eternally changed, essentially the same. But the path – the path stays the same. 

Hi there, thank you for stopping by today. This is the eighteenth edition of my ‘life is’ series where I try to relate life to different things in society. Would love to hear your thoughts on life is … a path. 


6 thoughts on “Life is … 18th edition

  1. This poem was too deep to put a comment on😁😁. Remember your earlier about tag stuff

    Life is a path always intertwined with so many turns that by the time you found yourself stable after the ride, you can’t still understand what have been happening all along

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