Don’t buy her a gift.


Hi everyone,

It’s almost valentines day; a day to express how much you love another person through gifts, wine etc. Sounds similar to Christmas, but hey who cares any excuse to get a new gift including boyfriends/girlfriends is always welcomed. I feel sad though cos I see a lot of ‘loveless’ hearts carrying out business transactions, rather than love filled hearts reaching out to another. To get a better idea of what I mean do click on the link to read a guest post written for Uju, a friend and fellow blogger at Through mirrored lens.

I look forward to reading your thoughts on the topic

Thank you.investing


7 thoughts on “Don’t buy her a gift.

  1. I see what you mean. But I do like to receive flowers and have some special us time. I don’t see nothing wrong with celebrating special dates, but not into the buying spree that seems to be the norm now.

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  2. With most Nigerian men mentality especially those in the dating game who uses gifts as a form of tools to achieve whatever aims their mind can concur. But I must also say the ladies contribute a part too.

    Why? Most ladies have this mentality of a guy must always take care of them when they are not engaged to each other. Given the fact relationship s these days are nothing to write home about.

    A faulty idea and lack of understanding of what a relationship is all about is perhaps the reason for all these shameful, manipulative occurrences.


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