Wax lyrical.

People have different ways of documenting life’s unending lessons: weaving them into stories, poems, songs, articles, they are passed down or across to people miles and lifetimes away from us.

The author of the blog, lifehomeandaway, stung by the proverbial writing bug has taken to the indelible sheets of the internet to chronicle the notes played across her life as lessons. Her short stories consist of a mixed genre including comedy, romance, drama, satire and tragedy. She aims to entertain and possibly re-educate her audience on topics which matter to her. The one genre you won’t find among her writing is horror, whether this is a reflection of her limitation or a choice not to pursue that path, we’ll probably never know.

The author also writes articles that touch on everyday challenges and societal norms; re-evaluating them, teasing out weak points, highlighting strong ones. She showcases a few guest posts and interviews. Voices within and outside the blogging community that echo and sometimes contrast the harmonious tune of her writing, making it richer, vibrant and all-encompassing to the human story.

It could be said that at the very heart of her writing the author tries to portray the splash of colors that dance before the kaleidoscope of her eyes as the world rotates around her. Subtlety is not her forte, as every word conveys the pinning beliefs of her life. One could conclude that her short-stories are dreams that tame the worrying demons/villains of her articles. Whichever way you look at it, her blog is a song that ebbs and flows through the rhythmic ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of life’s journey.

Click on Harley to read a short story for children.

Don’t forget to leave a comment behind (especially about the story 🙂 )

Written in response to the daily prompt – Critical eye.

Rule: Write about the subject you usually blog about as if you were a music critic.

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