Life is …. 16th edition

Life is … A volcano.

A large spiralling hole cloaked by a mountain.

Do not trust it’s silence for it might be brewing something.

Do not fear it’s bite, for it’s roar is worse than it’s bite.

WARNING: magma when it’s hot is inherently destructive, but when cool

It forms the rocky foundation on which we stand strong.

Some bad experiences harbour hidden blessings.

Thus, shield yourself from the eruption don’t let it destroy you

Internally or externally.

And when it’s cooled take the rocks and build yourself a safe fortress, but

Don’t turn bitter, else you become a spiralling hole exploding under every little pressure.


Hi there, thank you for stopping by today. This is the sixteenth edition of my ‘life is’ series where I try to relate life to different things in society. Would love to hear your thoughts on life is … a volcano. 


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