When Monday comes …

The last three years has been some what of a blur for me, my head space feels like an ever swerving maze. Full of ideas, hopes and enticing paths to follow, but none of them seems quiet right for me.

So when another Monday comes calling and I still don’t have the answer, I’ll take a leaf from Maya Angelou …

And until I know what fits perfectly well, I’ll smile and do the best I can with all I have.

I’ll be grateful for life and all it’s mystery.

I’ll write,  I’ll read; I’ll keep searching and I’ll keep applying.

And when I know better, I’ll do better and I’ll write about it.

Good morning everyone. XD

Good Monday as well 😉

And good mental health. 😎




5 thoughts on “When Monday comes …

  1. Very wise Creatinghome. Along with Maya Angelou’s great quote I would like to add there is a verse in the Bible that says: “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” It means we don’t always know where we are going far ahead but God tells us where we should place our feet, our steps. And a few steps at a time we get where we are supposed to go. Good Luck finding out what you want to do and what path you will choose.

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