On the stairs

There was no way I was heading back into the house. Someone had to come out and find me.

Then they would apologise, cuddle me and promise to get me a large bowl of raspberry ice- cream.

Planting my tiny butt firmly on the garden steps, I waited for my apology just like the little girl in the movie.

… 10 minutes

Footsteps approaching. Yes victory is near.

“Mary … Mary move!

What?! Typical of my family.

“There’s a snake on the tree.”

Like a flash of lightning I returned to the house.

I’ll sulk on my bed next time, thank you.

Copyright Amy Reese


In response to Friday fictioneers writing challenge hosted by Rochelle.  The picture was provided by Amy Reese and the task is to write a 100 words story inspired by it. Thanks Rochelle for hosting it, thank you for stopping by… do click on the link to read other stories.


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