Monday lessons from OH.


Lesson 1: Don’t run from things/an enemy when you are not sure why you’re running. Try to face your fears, you might find that they are not as scary as you think. For example, the Boov kept running from the Gorg, they never stopped to ask why.

Lesson 2: be careful what conclusions you draw from circumstances without having all the facts available. Granted in everyday life the facts are never fully at our disposal and we often have to make decisions with what’s available. As long as we try our best to be fair and to apologise when we get it wrong we should be fine. Example: OH and other Boovs assumed the Gorg was a ‘taker’ and by his destructive sadmad behaviour it seemed to be true, eventually OH discovered this was not the truth.

Lesson 3: living in constant fear deprives you of great friendships and opportunities. Granted, there are times when it pays to listen to your fears and handle things with caution. Example: Tip applying make-up on OH to camouflage his identity. (The most hilarious scene in the movie in my opinion.)

Lesson 4: choose a path you’re comfortable with and stick to it. This doesn’t mean you settle for less or become lazy. It means being willing to face your fears and enlarge your mind at a pace that doesn’t leave you constantly breathless (please note the word constantly because some things will require more effort than usual, but I don’t think that should be your constant setting.). Example OH wasn’t ready to stay with Tip when the Gorg was coming, she wasn’t ready to leave her mum and preferred to stay regardless of the outcome.

Lesson 5: sometimes we might have to go our separate ways or spend some time on our own to grow and become all we can be. When done properly we might bring something new to the table. Example: OH came back as the captain of the Boovs it empowered him to help Tip find her mum. It also helped him fix the issue with the Gorg.  If people are meant to be in your life they will eventually come around.

Source: Dreamworks Animation.

Have an awesome Monday people. And even if something has less than 50 percent probability for success don’t give up you might find the ‘super chip’.


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