Life through lyrics.

“I feel shattered, honestly what more can I do I’ve tried my best, but I can’t seem to succeed?” Sighing he slouched further into the sit.
Adorning a goofy grin, “You mean like when you get what you want, but not what you need?”
 Rolling his eyes “Very funny. I am sat here telling you my problems and the best you got is cold play lyrics.”
Laughing “You know I was just messing with you.”
“Baby you have to  admit your life right now fits perfectly with the song.”  ‘When you feel so tired, but you can’t sleep stuck in reverse’. Weren’t you just complaining about a lack of sleep?” giving his shoulders a passing massage before sitting on his lap.
“Go ahead and make fun of a guy when his down.”
“Honestly how bad can it be ….”
“Oh it can be very bad trust me, I know he normally exaggerates, but when it comes to his family … shheessh.”
“All the same, it’s only for a couple of hours and there will be good food”
“Hours filled with self-promoting idle chatter and tongue-in-cheek compliments that remind you how short of the mark you’ve fallen. I’m so tired of trying to fit in, I’m tired of fighting things that I can’t change.
They both laughed, he looked puzzled.
Not attempting to mask his irritation he asked “What’s so funny?”
“Seriously you are dropping lyrics like it’s hot.”
“That last line is right off Sigma’s new song, the one he did with Rita Ora ‘coming home’ and once again sweetheart the song perfectly describes your dilemma.”
Sick of their jovial mood he lifted her to the desk “Well am glad my dilemma is providing you guys with some entertainment.” He took steps towards the door.
“Come on don’t leave, I’m just trying to take your mind off the issue. I can think of worse fates than eating posh dinner with your family.”
“Even if they’re a right punch of toffee-nosed relatives?” He sighed.
“I think so and you have her to fend of the really scary ones.
Laughing he replied “Her? The last time she melted like wax under the stern gaze of my aunt.”
Feigning an angry disposition, plus a pout she said, “I did not.”
“Yes you did,” He replied, laughing at the memory the situation conjured.
“Whatever; Like I said then I’ll repeat it again, you’ve to fight the demons that wake you up before attempting to conquer those on the streets and I’ll be right here to help you throw the first punch. I’ll be the ground beneath your feet.”
Singing the first line, she cued in his friend with a nod and like the proverbial sober third wheel on a Friday night out, he watched them sing like drunkards at a karaoke bar.
I need that
Ground beneath my feet to feel that
Ground beneath my feet
I need that
Ground beneath my feet to feel that
Ground beneath my feet
I need that …
Home was where he stood right now: with a good mate and a great girlfriend by his side, he was happy to hear the lyrics this time.
In response to the daily prompt  – Ear worm.
Write whatever you normally write about, and weave in a book quote, film quote, or song lyric that’s been sticking with you this week.
I chose to write on Coldplay’s – Fix you
and Sigma’s – Coming home ft Rita ora.

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