Tree of songs


stand by the door

of my room wondering if this is 

what it should be like: loud voices, whispered words.

I search for the proof of your love in every word, in every gesture.

And with the passing of time I realise I’m banging my head against the wall

it’s hopeless. So today I am running from you, from us, from everything.

It’s time to let it go, time for a new adventure of a lifetimeI hope we stay

forever young, I hope the light guides usI’ll speak life each day just like

the storyteller recommended. So until we meet again I’ll fix my eyes

on the light-house; bury my pain and upset in the  water.

Until we can say hello again, I’ll take the time

to pen the story of our life,

so one day we might

read it together 

laugh and





memories when 

we come back Home.

When we get to feel better dancing into a new year.

This was my attempt at writing a post from the  songs of that made my year.

Do you know the artist, do you like any of them?

Happy new year folks, you guys have been a blessing.




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