Flippity floppity floop

Three wishes to make my day,

Three wishes to give away.

Three wishes to brighten the day,

Three wishes to light the way.

My first wish would be for my daughter, I wish she keeps the fiery flames of youth alive forever. Tamed and harnessed, but burning all the same. My thoughts are best expressed by the song below.

My second wish would go to my home country Nigeria – I  wish we would get reputable leaders, people who want the best for our nation and are willing to give everything to moving it forward.

And my final wish would go to making anyone and everyone who has been a blessing to my life very happy for a day at least. Most times we forget to say thank you or love on others until it’s too late.

So there you go … that’s me done granting wishes.

Merry Christmas lovelies.IMG-20151225-WA0028

Written in response to the daily prompt … Generous genies.

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