A case for or against the land of the rising sun. 2

Welcome to another edition of Topical Thursday: today we will be taking another look at the case for Biafra gaining it’s independence from Nigeria. I searched for the heralding voice behind this new move for Biafra and my search brought me to Nnamdi Kanu, today’s article stems from his actions. Read the first edition on Biafra here.

Mr. Nnamdi Kanu

Nigerian – from Afaraukwu in Umuahia, Abia State.

Uk based political activist.

Director of Radio Biafra, London.

Leading member Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)

Mr. Nnamdi was arrested in Lagos on Sunday the 18th of October, 2015 by the Nigerian State Security Services (SSS) for criminal conspiracy, intimidation and belonging to an unlawful society. Some of the statements allegedly made by Nnamdi Kanu and published by the press include:

“If they fail to give us Biafra, Somalia will look like a paradise compared to what will happen to that zoo. It is a promise, it is a pledge and it is also a threat to them.”

“If they do not give us Biafra, there will be nothing living in that very zoo they call Nigeria; nothing will survive there, I can assure you.” 

I am uncertain about the sentiments behind these statements, but I know without a doubt that they are inflammatory. Forecasting the heartbreaking and critical state of Somalia on the future of any country is in poor taste.  A disregard for the human life and the irreparable damage that war produces.

These statements make me question if Nnamdi Kanu had/has any really plans for Biafra. The situation makes me think he started out with an unclear agenda, one that suddenly grew beyond his imagination. This thought alone makes me tread cautiously around him and his precepts; following him would be like the blind leading the blind, even worse the blind  leading the misguided (blind and deaf).

According to statistics available to him, over 98% of Igbos support a Biafran secession, because every “Igbo has freedom embedded in their DNA”.

I agree with him, if there ever was a people who really hated being under any form of subjugation it’s the Igbo people. That said I have learnt and I am still learning that freedom prematurely secured is a death sentence etched in stone especially in the wrong hands. 

Do I think Nnamdi Kanu has a personal agenda … Yes. Thus to his followers I ask that you ensure that the freedom of Biafra is what you are pursuing and not the freedom of a man’s political dreams. BiafraMy point is further buttressed by his fathers statement “I’m appealing to the Federal Government and (President Muhammadu) Buhari) in particular to release my son because he is not fighting with arms; he is just talking with his mouth.” I find this plea a little too much in hindsight, he should have told his son to never start a fight his ill prepared to survive.

Having said the above, I find the statement allegedly made the Nigerian government to be very condescending and disrespectful to it’s citizens cry. “The Nigerian government said that it does not consider the separatist movement a threat to the current leadership. It went on to define pro-Biafrans as an “insignificant number of frustrated people who are not a threat to the existence of Nigeria.”

An army spokesman was also quoted to have said “That the army and police might use the Rules of Engagement on security operations to the fullest depending on the circumstances.” Where has this rule of engagement being with regards to Boko Haram?

Both parties should deal respectfully with each other. Mr President Sir, this is your prime opportunity to show the change agenda is all encompassing for all tribes and all religions.

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