Life is …. #13

Life is … a voyage.

Where the journey began

Remains a mystery for some, but not for others.

Where we end up depends on the master plan

Those who understand survive, those who don’t suffer.

Life is … a voyage.

Each journey has a destined harbour,

We only find peace when anchored there.

 Guided by the vision within, we seek departure,

Hanging unto hope and a prayer.

Pixabay free images.

Life is … a voyage.

When the tempest stirs our soul,

And we see our lifelines sink like stones.

Guided once again by the light pole,

We find healing for our weary bones.

Life is …. a voyage.

With waves of emotions coursing through our veins

And our dreams abandoning ship.

Doubt becomes the captain breaking its’ chains,

But like a compass knows North, our focus must not slip.

…….. This too shall pass and soon you will find your harbour.

Pixabay free images

Written for the Flash fiction for aspiring writers tribute for Barbara Beacham the host of Mondays finish the story writing challenge who has sailed on to her final destination. Be well … Her signature at the end of every message.

Also written for the life is … series. This is the thirteenth edition and I would love to hear your thoughts on life is … a voyage.





12 thoughts on “Life is …. #13

  1. I liked your poem. I think it is reflective of Barbara’s life and also reflects the journey we are all on. We are just passing through. This place is not our destination, our end. Well done. 🙂

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