Love is an exercise in balance.

To love another or anything is to do what’s best for them or you under any given circumstance, it requires a balanced personality.

It might mean walking away today or staying an extra day tomorrow. Saying NO today in order to lay the right foundation for tomorrow. It never depends on falsehoods, no matter  the reason falsehood always taints the end result.

To love obsessively or to withhold love is not love at all, each scenario obstructs our ability to make the right choice for all involved.

Happy Monday people, let love lead the way through this week.

And in the spirit of love, try not to take offence too often this week. Let some things wash off you like water off a ducks back, pick your battles wisely. (The last part is strictly a reminder to myself.)fence

 In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Want to Know What Love Is.”


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