Thirst for freedom.

This picture inspired the story/article below. Like this pram sometimes we need the people around us to help move us forward.

“Most people do not really want freedom because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.” Sigmund Freud

In our thirst for freedom, we must learn to differentiate what strings to severe and those we must keep. We must also learn when the time is right to cut them and when we must hold them closer. Freedom is the right to be you and to accord the same right to another human being. Accepting that they might not like what you stand for and you might not like what they stand for, but it doesn’t make either of you less human. Less intelligent, less accommodating, less loving maybe, but never less deserving of life.

Now my short story.

May 2014:

Celebration time come on! Can I get a whoop whoop? I cheer with a song.

After five months of confinement in this four walled room called an office, I am finally free: free to test my skills on the road, to explore the world. Don’t get me wrong the office is a beautiful place: everyone treats you with respect counting off your best asserts even in your absence. Honestly, if there was a business/ office heaven ours would be the golden standard, but after a while it becomes boring, stifling to the imaginative mind. As much as I’m going to miss my office buddies, I am more excited to say goodbye.

Here’s to new adventures, a new found freedom to explore the world!

May 2015:

It’s been a year now since I became a member of staff out in the field. I don’t know what I miss the most, the comfort of office buddies who might not always understand you, but will always have your back or the safety of knowing where I was and what was expected of me at every given time. Life on the road has been tough. So many terrains to navigate, so much to take in, it’s all so confusing. What I hate the most is the part of reporting to a sub-team leader constantly horrid, simply horrid!!. All I wanted was to be free of the red tape, to test my expertise on the field. And, now my expertise has been horned, my quest for adventure satiated, but I haven’t found freedom.

Freedom to speak, act and  to live as I please. I don’t want anyone telling me where to go, when to go, how to behave, what choices are the best. I want to be my own man, my own boss.

June 2015:

I did it. I finally did it, I’m free. I don’t report to the office, I don’t report to a sub team leader. I am my own boss! Yes you is! Hoots my alter ego. And, suddenly reality returns, I have been free for a week and all I have done is sit here in the open. No adventures, no terrains to conquer, no routines, no one to challenge me or motivate me: free, but restricted by my own limitations. I wish for the days gone, I pray someone takes an interest in me, my dreams, pursuits just for a single minute. I miss the hands that pushed me, the voices that lovingly criticized me.

Freedom isn’t all I thought it would be.

Copyright –  Chioma Nwafor.

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