Rock me gently

“I didn’t say I wanted to leave …”

“Then what do you mean? All you do is complain honestly! How can you sit there and expect me not to think otherwise?”

“Look all I want is for you to show some level of understanding when I voice my opinion. I know it might come across as complaining, but that’s not my intent.”

“When you said I was moving too fast for you, what else should I have inferred from that?

“I simply wasn’t ready for such a vigorous ride at the time. Sometimes I want a gradual transition not straight off the runway into auto speed. Is that … ”

“There’s just no pleasing you, is there? The last time I was too slow, this time I was too fast. How about you just shut up and enjoy it?”

Every part of me creaked with anger “God you’re a brute! It’s so like you to focus on yourself, have you ever stopped to apologize for all the grime that I have endured or the fact that you have become heavier.”

“Well I didn’t ask you to stay: the door is wide open.” Walking out of the room your attitude was the antithesis of the atmosphere in the room: carefree and buoyant.

All I wanted was to be rocked gently, not abandoned.


The story was inspired by the picture above. If you like this, you might also like this abandoned.

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