Linda Ikeji drama series.

I never thought I see the day in Nigeria when an individuals lifestyle choice becomes newsworthy, but it has happened thanks to Linda Ikeji. A few actress in the past have occasionally stirred the pool (you know who), but I don’t think it has ever happened on this scale. I applaud her achievements very remarkable, it’s easy to understand why she has caused such a stir on social media. But I did like to ask:

Did anyone stop to consider that this could be a publicity stunt? Like what western celebrities do to place themselves in the middle of the news, boost their public ratings and all; so is it worth losing sleep over? (I am losing sleep, because I am taking a leaf from her to pursue my dreams). Is it worth all the frustration, ranting, use of swear words and the rest?

Shouting from a soapbox … different voices directing the series.

Now, about the frustration…

There are three types with respect to her news

  1. Those shouting because they envy her wealth, frustrated because they have been hacking at it and it hasn’t yet come.
  2. Those shouting because she is wealthy and unattached, frustrated because they presume she is free to bask in the glow of her wealth without any shackles or worries.
  3. Those shouting because they are, well angry at being single and not wealthy, but don’t want to be obvious about it. They join the fight with another subset comprising of single, wealthy or not wealthy individuals who are genuinely frustrated by societies cry for Linda to ‘go and marry’.

Based on this, I would love to make a suggestion if I may Linda, is it possible to start support groups across Nigeria for these faithful albeit mixed bunch of admirers? Could I manage it for you? You have to keep your fans happy and it would be a good way to give back to society. Just kidding … or not.

And there are those who genuinely are happy for you and those who are oblivious to it all. It is your money spend it how you feel and it is your blog showcase whatever you please. I just can’t shake the feeling that it’s all a publicity stunt as I am sure loads of Nigerian women single, married sane, insane, living in Nigeria, living abroad have made similar sums ,but have kept it silent.

Either way thank you for whatever trickle of your faithful fans this will drum up for me. Follow your life path don’t chase another’s.


This piece is purely humour based, hold your peace and breath, it’s better than getting angry.

6 thoughts on “Linda Ikeji drama series.

  1. Lol. I dunno about the ‘publicity stunt’ theory sha. Linda is popular. She is in everyone’s faces even without trying. Im guessing she just put it put there since other press will blow it over for her anyways.
    Let’s say tho, that it’s a publicity stunt, I believe it’s well worth it.


    1. I totally agree her wealth is laudable. It’s the whole spin off from the news that leaves me a bit iffy on the matter. Have you noticed how wealth turns people into loyal advocates and bitter enemies no questions asked? Bible says to ‘celebrate with’ not build a ‘monument in our heads for’ those that celebrate. Anyways this was just my own bit of fun thrown into the mix. Thanks love for stopping by, I appreciate it.


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