Riley in between.

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

“Now this is living the life of Riley.”

A slight frown creases my forehead “Riley your ex-boyfriend”

“No Riley my new cat, found him on my door. He looked so lost; I couldn’t turn him away trust me I tried.” Her fingers pantomiming a dance across my arm.

“So you took him in and named him after your Ex?”

“Yeah, it reminded me of him. Anyways, Riley … ‘the cat’ always has this look of utter satisfaction on his face whenever he stretches out on my bed, like his just been cocooned in cloud nine; that’s how I feel right now.” Drawing ringlets around my earlobe, she was slowly driving me to distraction.

Holding her face softly “What would you name after me?”

“Hmm, maybe coffee, you shake up my boring routine.” She smiles staring into my eyes.

I smile back, but mine doesn’t quite reach my eyes.

“We did say no strings attached remember.”

Written by Chioma I.N

In response to the mondaysfinishthestory flash fiction challenge hosted by Barbara. The picture and the first sentence are provided and you have to complete the story in 100- 150 words. Click on the link to read others stories.

Thanks Barbara for providing the picture.

Thank you for stopping by.

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