Take your happy … where you can.

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Looking back now, I realise there were so many things I took for granted back home: like insects in my mothers vegetable farm, mango fruits growing in the backyard and trees shedding leaves marking the change of seasons. Today, as the struggle of motherhood and maintaining personal identity takes many formats am learning to enjoy every passing discovery as it happens … to take my happy moments where ever I find them. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy and content with my life, but as adults things can often take an overwhelming sense of monotony and stress.

Some people choose to go finding thrills and that’s fine as long as no one gets hurt. For those of us that can’t get away, I think happiness can still be found in the most unlikely places if we set our hearts to it. I have never seen a snail without it’s shell before so that was really interesting and the bird just looked so at home in front of the building.

Happy Sunday everyone.

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