Split in the middle.

The applause was deafening, but so was the stream of compliments.

Everyone sang your praise from the hills to the vale.

It was thrilling to watch you in front of your peers; you were enigmatic, oozing charm from every pore as you mingled with everyone.

We walked side by side, whispers acknowledging how we complimented each other trailed us. Leaving arm in arm as we called it a night and what a splendid night it was.

Home at last, can’t wait to take off this bodycon dress.

First came the bang, then the heat that spread across my face, there was a brief moment of blackness all because of a compliment on my physique.

I looked ‘the world’ before, now I’m a piece of trash auctioning myself to the highest bidder.

Cue in the muffled sounds and harsh sobs  minutes later as you plead my forgiveness, the script must go on.

Tomorrow I apply my concealer, deck out my Cartier Paris glasses and have tea with the girls. No one must know your Mr Hyde isn’t balanced by your Dr. Jeckyll.

There isn’t anything balanced about us.

There will never be an acceptable reason for either spouse to raise their hands to the other, love and submission have no aspect of their definition which means dehumanize, abuse or subjugate another.

Striking another is a sign of our own frustration, inner turmoil and desire to dominate our partner.

7 thoughts on “Split in the middle.

  1. A powerful piece of writing! You create the contrast between the two sides of her life, the two side of his personality, really well. And your comment at the end is very true – abuse of any form should never be tolerated.

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