“Please describe what you see?”

“I see a round object with something like a bush on top it.” 

“Does it remind you of anything?”

“A pineapple: it reminds me of a pineapple” 

“How certain are you that it’s a pineapple?

“Erm I think about seven..ty percent.” the tremor in her voice betrayed her self-doubt, it was probably more like forty percent in her mind.

“Now take a look at the second image, what do you see?

“Oh ok, this looks like the first, but a bit more like a pineapple …” the tremor was replaced by assertiveness.

“How certain are you it’s a pineapple?”

“I did say ninety-five percent certain.” Slide1

“You were right both times, a sign of balance in your inner core. It’s time to gaze into the future.” More like the future I perceive from your body language, clothes and eyes as you looked into mine longing for affirmation and assurance.

It’s all a game of illusion and perception: what the mind yearns for, the eyes perceive.

The picture reminded me of magic/illusion shows.

In response to the writing challenge flash fiction for aspiring writers hosted by Priceless Joy click on the link to visit the blog. The photograph was provided and the challenge is to write a 100 – 150 words (+/- 25 words) story inspired by it. Do click on the link for other stories.

Thank you Etol Bagam for the picture, thank you for stopping by.

16 thoughts on “Perception

  1. LOL! You must have read my mind at the end. I was wondering what it had to do with the prompt photo. Great story! I really like the last line, “It’s all a game of illusion and perception, what the mind yearns for, the eyes perceive.” Thank you again for participating in FFfAW challenge!

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