Happy Independence day!

Happy independence day, darling Nigeria!

My initial thoughts on independence day has taken a different turn, largely due to an article in The Guardian on the topic of  Britain paying reparation to it’s colonoies for slavery. Prior to reading the article I would probably have responded in the affirmative to the topic, but today I say a resounding NO!.Why? Because the slave trade is in the past and I live in the present, facing a different set of complex issues in an ever evolving world.

Demanding reparation depicts the mentality of someone who isn’t independent, what your asking for is to have fish provided for you a temporal solution and not to teach you to fish empowerment.

Coming from nations which claim to be independent, the notion is tantamount to demands by a grown son to have his aging mother cook him meals and do his laundry. A NO, NO in must cultures, ours even more so. It shows no self respect or desire to truly exploit his abilitites. This has been the same cry over the years, isn’t it time to move on?

Don’t get me wrong the slave trade was dehumanizing and totally abominable: whether it was amongst similar races or different races, no format of a human being subjugating another will ever be deemed acceptable. By demanding reparation we close our eyes to the bigger issues facing us

  • a) Being a different colour still translates to being treated differently.
  • b) Being from a third world country still translates to meaning you live in the dark ages.Slide2
  • c) Having natural resources increases the chances that internal conflicts will escalate and international intervention will be speedy and not directed at the root causes. (Is there a game plan here? I think so)
  • d) The world powers will constantly pull the strings and if you want any sort of respect we must brace up and be ready to stand on our own. Wasn’t that the whole point of independence?

So today I celebrate my fellow compatriots: Arise, O compatriots, Nigeria’s call obey. Men and women who go out each day to eek out an honest living under difficult and often resistant atmosphere. People who choose to do things right even when no ones looking. People who want to learn to fish and not the fish.

The labour of our heroes past, shall never be in vain, demanding reparation and not thinking ahead ensures the labour of the heros past and that of the future to come never amounts to much.

Guide our leaders right, help our youth the truth to know: We know the truth, but come elections we alt for the ‘false.’ The leaders will never do right unless the youths stand for the truth and hold them by the balls to it.

Great lofty heights attain, to build a nation where peace and justice shall reign: When we dream big and have the bigger picture in mind, we will strive for peace and justice because without them our dreams will remain just that dreams.

Reparation NO!! Slide1

Equal treatment, help and support devoid of greed and political strings for all mankind, YES!!!

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