Food from home

Hi readers, today I would like to share a dish from home with you. Traditionally known as moi-moi/bean cake, it is made mainly from blended beans. However, a variety of other ingredients can be added to suit your taste. Because this isn’t a food blog I won’t be divulging the steps in words, but rather through pictures.

Picture 1:

First step: the beans should be picked, de-husked and washed.

Picture 2:

Blend the beans along with any ingredients you like till a perfect paste is obtained.

20150928_130919 20150928_131156

Picture 3:

Scoop the smooth paste into wraps, place in the pot and cook for 45 minutes.

20150928_132222 20150928_133007(0)

Final thoughts, the wraps for your moi-moi can be made of foil, tin cups, nylon or traditional leafs which unfortunately I haven’t seen in the UK, so I use regular cooking foil. Don’t settle for beans powder as it doesn’t give you the same taste as fresh beans would, but if your short of time beans powder would do.

Final product can be eaten alone or as a side dish.
To make your moi-moi/ bean cake more colourful you might like to add Romano red peppers.

I do apologise to my readers if my blog seems to be a bit haphazard especially those who found me through Writing challenges. From time to time I will dip into other topics about home and life in general, I hope you find them as interesting as the stories. Thank you for being part of my journey so far, it’s been fun.

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